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We thrive on designing technically complex facilities. DGA develops novel approaches and creates new industry standards to enhance our clients’ operations, helping them achieve their objectives and realize their visions. We focus on providing an exceptional combination of design, systems integration, and technical expertise to deliver future-focused solutions—inspired designs to solve not only today’s challenges but also to serve our clients for years to come.





Science is at the core of modern human development. Life science discoveries provide healing. Material science discoveries make people’s lives safer. Physical science discoveries make for a sustainable future. Our core passion is to design research facilities that improve people’s lives. This passion leads us to pursue and develop expertise in designing buildings and laboratories that maximize the opportunities for researchers to discover.

Strategic Planning
Campus Masterplanning
Research Buildings
Special Research Facilities


The ultimate goal of many scientific discoveries is to make products that improve people’s lives, whether it be a product developed to meet a global need for sustainable food sources or a therapeutic product that will provide a cure for patients who need healing. We embrace the challenge of designing manufacturing facilities that are highly technical, complex, and regulated because they make things that make people’s lives better.

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
Advanced Therapeutic Medicinal Products
Oral Solid Dose
Medical Device & Diagnostics
Advanced Food Technology

Advanced Technology

We live in a amazing time of innovation and exploration in sciences. Advanced Technology embraces the spirit of emerging discoveries with the potential to change our everyday lives from the Internet of Things and AI, to looking outside our planet to understand it better. Aerospace Systems enable us to look beyond our skies while Nanotechnologies explore deep within. We thrive in helping our clients create spaces for creation, and we lean into the challenge of providing flexible and adaptable environments to promote discovery and not hinder it. A truly successful design allows the focus to be on invention.

Assembly & Testing
Engineering & Electronic Laboratories
Equipment & Aerospace Manufacturing
Material Research
Microelectronics Fabrication
Mask & Wafer Fabrication

Mission Critical

Information is the commodity at the heart of everything we do. At the core of Science, Health, and Technology is a growing need for analyzing and storing data securely. Information is also critical to understanding and maintaining the health of our community’s infrastructure and responding to an ever-changing world of natural and human-created disasters. While Data Centers are equipment-focused, operations and control centers require a strong emphasis on the people using the technology. We look to biophilic principles to introduce well-being design fundamentals for people in Mission Critical environments, allowing them to focus on situational awareness and disaster response. We unite people and technology within secure, robust, and resilient facilities.

Data Centers
Operations & Control Centers
Telecommunications Centers
Emergency Operations Centers


We’re dedicated to planning and designing healthcare spaces that enhance the well-being, safety, and respect of both patients and caregivers. Our focus is on enhancing the patient experience and optimizing healthcare settings. By working closely with our clients and gaining insights into their requirements and operational hurdles, we create adaptable, soothing, and effective spaces for delivering and receiving care. In our roles as medical planners, designers, and architects, we’re deeply enthusiastic about every opportunity to envision, plan, design and construct healthcare environments. We firmly believe in expanding healthcare accessibility, considering it a vital mission. Architecture and design are not just our professions; they are our passions, and we consider the creation of healing spaces our true calling.

Biomedical Laboratories
Clinical Laboratories
Inpatient Care
Outpatient Care


Education is critical for the next generation, assuring that the society can advance and building on the present. Academic facilities can have great impact on learning and progress. We create academic environments to enrich learning and growth. We design adaptable spaces that quickly respond to educational programs and curriculum advancements. Academic environments educate our youth and support the world’s most ground-breaking research.

Classrooms & Lecture Halls
Teaching & Research Laboratories
Special Research Facilities

Why Sustainability and Wellness Matters

Sustainability in architecture and the built environment has become an opportunity for architects to elevate design for our environment to be preserved and protected for future generations. It is our responsibility to find ways to improve the environmental performance for all our projects through both design and construction. DGA understands the significance of this commitment to our environment and what it takes to be stewards of sustainable building practices. We take pride in making sure each one of our projects is striving to be as “green” as possible. Through the multitude of sustainability platforms (CalGreen, LEED, WELL, Fitwel, Living Building Challenge), we work to include strategies that best suit the project type and client needs. While we understand that projects may not always need to be “certified,” we work together with the client, the design team, and the construction team to determine what sustainability means for each project.

As important as sustainability is, designing for overall employee wellness is an additional pillar in DGA’s green building efforts. Incorporating wellness into practice underscores the connection between the built environment and human well-being, elevating mental and physical wellness by creating spaces that promote comfort, relaxation, and connection to nature. DGA is proud to approach design in a holistic way, building sustainable while also promoting overall user wellness within the building.